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Marmite Breath

What a gorgeous dress! You're so talented, Wendy. You look very young and fresh. The wellies are a nice touch :)


Oh what a dreamy dress it is! And what a beautiful lady inside of it!

Chara Michele

What a lovely dress! And I like the wellies with it:)


hi, hi, hi--your story is a hoot. honestly, you should be a writer. reminds me of the time i went to pick up my mother in law and she came to the door with this shirt (fabric made of fibers not found in nature) half way up over her head. she was so hot and sweaty and that in combo with mega-poly shirt--you get the pic. your dress is perfect-shoes too! can't wait to see your inchies in person- i am going to start painting today. xxxb

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oh i was laughing and sweating for you...that is a good story.
your dress turned out so nice.
you look lovely.


You look lovely Wendy ( and so young!), you're certainly a skilled dressmaker. Having struggled to find a suitable dress for a wedding last year, I'm thinking I'll have to make my own for the next. I haven't made any clothes for many years but like riding a bike I guess you never forget...you definitely fall into the practical category BTW


You look fabulous Wendy, the dress is gorgeous and I too am a fellow "wellie woman", our drive way is more of a track which is quickly reduced to mud in the event of a shower so I frequently leave the house in full finery and wellies.


The dress is beautiful, and the wellies go perfectly, classy Wendy Wellie Woman!


Just stopping by to say hello! I participated in the ABC inchie swawp and thought I would drop by to tell you how much I enjoyed both of the swaps. Everything arrived in tack! Hope to swap again soon. And the dress is lovely. Ann


Fantastic dress. You must have been so proud to have made it. You look lovely in it, and the wellies are always a must for any country lady at a black tie event !


Hello Wendy haven't visited in ages, I really don't know where the time goes....
Congrats on the new job, belated birthday greetings, congrats on 100th post and oh so many things. Love the dress it goes beautifully with the wellies!
Carolyn x


very nice dress and a very pretty lady wearing it.


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COME BACK!!! xxx
miss you!!

Wendy Houses Cape Town

The dress is beautiful!

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