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Happy Birthday Wendy! Hope you have a lovely day, if chocolate cake's on the menu then all is well :)
You're quite right at 44 you can be as indulgent as you like.
That book looks interesting...let us all know what you think once you've read it.
Are those broad beans? I love broad beans, especially if you pop them out of their skins, they're so tender.
How exciting to be starting a new job, I look forward to hearing more about that.
Gill x


Happy Day To You!

stephanie s

happy birthday! i heard a little something about a job, looking forward to catching up... have a wonderful birthday and enjoy every bit of that cake.


Happy Happy Birthday Wendy! It's not a bad age you know ;) Hope your day is just wonderful and filled with all you desire - obviously mainly chocolate cake! xx

Jayne- big sis

Happy Birthday to You! Only 44? With the things you've been saying lately I thought you were 64!! xx


happy happy happy birthday! love your book. a mere tot, you are.
love, becky


Good luck on the new job! Out of the blue is often the best, I've found. And a very happy birthday, too.


Happy birthday sweetie...i sent you an email and didnt forget!!!!!
I hope you had a wonderful day and were spoilt rotten!!!!! hip hip hooray, kisses julie xxxxx


Happy Birthday, Wendy!! x


Many Happy Returns.

Chara Michele

Happy Birthday Wendy!!


That teapot is so adorable! Happy Birthday!!!


A very Happy Birthday to you and very curious about your new job?? The first yields of the garden are so exciting, I missed planting first earlies this year but should have some potatoes soon, heaven.

Sandy Haynes

Just signin' in to day Happy Birthday.... Sounds like some fun is planned- love that chocolate cake !


Happy belated birthday, Wendy. Your new job sounds interesting, looking forward to hearing about it. I am in a similar new job position myself.


Hey there, Wendy. It's been awhile since I stopped by. Hope you are enjoying your summer and your new job! Looking forward to hearing more about it. And seeing more garden pictures, of course.


Happy Birthday greeting (and from the UK too)
I'm here visiting and having a little down time so I'm blog reading. Maybe I should be at a museum but I'm rather full up of street bustle and since I'm with out a book I'm relaxing with a few friends. So with my cuppa I send birthday wishes!

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