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Gosh, shoe woman..i think that little red forklift may be hard to drive with those shoes on xxx


Wow - I love your red photos! Elmo always makes me smile - I don't even need to hear him giggle and the red shoes are cute. It made me laugh to think of you lying on the ground to take that picture - now where you were doing this is what springs to mind - against the wall of the bank or the mall? I'm hoping it was in your garden!!


Hi Wendy,
last day of colour-week and I discover your blog. Whow, these shoes, I would never manage to wear them -> duck-foot-me-size-8 ;))
Black and white weekend? Why not? But there is also: violet, aqua,umbra, siena, indigo,.......
Happy giggle-day!


LOL I did smile at the thought of you taking the pic of the shoes...that's dedication. Lucky you to have dainty feet, my wide size 7s never look very elegant :(


Lucy and her mom have some cool shoes!
Tickle Elmo for me :)


Are you going to own up and tell everyone the size of your dainty feet?
I'm even more sure I'm related to Lucy now I've seen a few of her shoes! xx

stephanie s

now, don't you think it would be fun to have a week of photos of all of us taking pictures of ourselves and the things we do for the sake of the blog? it would require assistants, but that would be fine...
your shoe theme was inspired...

Chara Michele

You girls do have some pretty cool shoes:)

I think I am going to miss color week a bit now that it is over!


I agree with Chara Michele, I'm going to miss color week too!

Great pics, and I love the forklift followed by your super-cute shoes.

Angel Jem

The mind boggles at the patio-mind-picture you painted. Please asure me, no bricks or pavers were harmed in the taking of this picture?


elmo, my fave.
love the shoes.


Now I just love the idea of you taking that photograph on your back, I am just trying to imagine what a non-blogging neighbour would make of it.


What a wonderful diverse collection of red!


The picture you create of yourself lying on your back trying to get a shot of those shoes is priceless. Thankyou for a good giggle Wendy.

linda t

Oooh, I love red too! In fact I just posted about my red shoes that I adore and found at Goodwill!
I am sooo enjoying your blog!
I gotta keep reading more of your posts!

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