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Yoo hoo!I'm still here!


Welcome back!


Hi Wendy, glad you are back. Lovely table full of knitting. :D

Chara Michele

Welcome back! Glad to see you are still around:)


Nice to see you back Wendy. I'm glad to see you recommend the Victoria Hislop book, I've looked at it a couple of times but hesitated to buy it. I'll pick one up next time I'm out.
Gill :)


Glad to see your back in the swing of blogging, look forward to seeing those curtains on the blog.


HOORAY!! welcome back happy twin! I have so missed you - just ordered the book from Amazon - great price and i love a good read. We are all coming to NORFOLK at the begining of April for a week! can I come and knit with you for an hour or two?
Lovely to have you back -


How lovely to see you back and your knitting and crafting groups sound so lovely.


GREAT to have you back my friend...have missed you in this space. I am so impressed with Michelles knitting - now its my turn to learn! And i love that piece of patterend knitting in the front of the pic..

roll on spring xxx


Yey! You're back :o) I guess I should really blog now, shouldn't I?

Tell Lucy to get her Bingo skills ready for my birthday ;o)


Angel Jem

Glad to see you again! Looking forward to seeing the living room curtains!

Linda Harre

The bags are WONDERFUL! It is very encouraging to hear that she just recently learned to cast-on:) Maybe there is hope for me:)


It brilliant when we find out which bloggers see each other in day to day life too ie: you and shellyshed at craft group togehter. As soon as I saw the picture of that bag, I knew I'd seen it on someone elses blog!


glad your back wendy, I was wondering where you were


miss.wendy - some of your blog links are a little screwed. they just post back to yours...


Wendy, I tried to find the bookmark swap you mentioned but angel gem's link isn't working...can you send it to me?

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