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stephanie s

so here i am reading, reading and thinking while i am reading... wow, she gets to drive all the fun things. and then!!! the chain saw. you do know me...

Angel Jem

Does Steph have a thing for chain saws?
Love the drive, by the way. Very snazzy & I think doesn't qualify for the congestion charge!


Wow, you are such a hard worker, and you do so many diverse things!


Hi Wendy
Wow, I love weekends like that too. Working around not worried about if you will get dirty or wet. :)
Thank you for your comment. Anytime you feel like dropping by, just feel free. Oh, and if only it was possible, I would be more than glad to send you over the blogs a nice piece of cake and a lovely cup of tea. ;)
Take Care. x


well you know that i have a big grin on my face dont you...that mini tractor suits you!!!
And the chain saw..love the little logs :)
So what are you going to make with that love lot of wool??


oh- i would love a tractor- did you ever see that movie where the guy drives the tractor across the u.s.? slowest moving film of all time, but pretty entertaining. i was out driving yesterday and I saw a truck with a mini-back hoe on its bed. i told kelly that when i give her my car- that's what i'm getting. and if you find out how to have one thing going at a time- be sure and let me know!


Getting in n "honest" day labor is what I love about going to Grass Valley. Weed whacking, stacking the logs my husband has cut from a fallen tree then the hot shower and an excuse to sit in a comfy chair and sew! enjoy.


that is so awesome to drive a tractor. and then to sew. now that is balance. love it.

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