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Marmite Breath

This makes me like you even more--I think it's a great compliment to be compared to Dory.

stephanie s

now i HAVE to go rent this movie... how funny. i understand dory is quite wonderful.

Chara Michele

I think you definitely need a mini Dory to decorate your crocs with in that case! :)

Angel Jem

How wonderful. If you had to be like anybody, Dory's not that bad, is she?
Although, I long to be a little like Kate Winslet and able to say I hate the thin celebrity thing from the right side of size twelve.
And have a cottage like hers in The Holiday (available to buy on 26th March)
And get to kiss all those leading men.
But perhaps not all at once.
And Johnny Depp would have to be first.


I've never seen this, will have to get it now Wendy. :D


your crocs will look quite dashing!


I can certainly see the similarity with all that flitting about and repeating yourself ........ you know I don't mean it!


heeeheee that is so funny!! I know Dory well - when Shelly received this dvd a couple of years ago she watched it so much i learnt all the words and Dory is a fantastic character!!!
"just keep swimming..just keep swimming.."!!!!!! xxx


Funny, it could be worse, I have been likened to Wendell in 'Wallace and Grommet" ha ha


So funny !!! lol ....


You do in fact look a little like her too. x


I had a giggle to myself afetr reading this! Finding Nemo is one of my favourite films, it's so funny and not a bad thing to be compred to Dory. I'd recommend it to everyone, if you watch it a few times you pick on more and more funny little moments and comments throughout the film. For a while after the film came out, whenever we were under pressure at work we would chant "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....!

Thanks for your kind comments, I'm really enjoying blogs and your is one of my favourites.


Hello Wendy or is that Dory I'm speaking to right now. What a lovely post and thankyou so much for your good wishes the other day.


how sweet.


Well, everyone loves Dory so it's not so bad;-)


the whole time i was reading, i was thinking- oh i wonder who she looks like...i was thinking more in terms of a human being... what a hoot to see Dory! And everyone does love Dory.
It could have been worse. :-)


oh and can you change my blog link to don't look back

thank you.


Hi Wendy,
Thank you for your visit to my blog. I found your post so sweet and reminded me of a friend that I used to say that she was just like Dori but because of the forgetfullness. I would always tell her that she was just like Dori everytime I tried to talk to her about something that she had told be a couple of days before and she just couldn't remember whatsoever. :)
Take care. x


LOL! So cute : )

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