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Congrats to Lucy! I like reading these "weird" things, which really aren't so weird, after all.


Many congratulations to Lucy ( I feel especially proud because I have a lucy of my own, and hope my lucy does half as well). and i love your curtains in the previous post. gorgeous!


Congatulations to lovely Lucy!!!!! What a great picture of her!! Did you make the cape?!! ;)
Now, my big questions is did you meet lizzie??
And thank you my lovely for your kind words!!! xxx


Lovely photo of Lucy. Congratulations. Wendy you do mix in the best circles. Must we call you Ma'am from now on? :)


Yeah I got tagged 3 times, but never mind at least I didn't have to come up with 18 weird things - or did I? Many congratulations to Lucy and your nephew, you must be feeling very proud. You have also reminded me that I used to like eating uncooked macaroni when I was a child so I'm off to find out if it still tastes good!


Congratulations to Lucy and your nephew.

Washing machine suds?? I love the sewing machine one because I realised that I do that too! I hadn't really thought about it but I do.


Congrats to Lucy! You must be so proud! Now I've got to go find myself a hot water bottle to sniff...


i've blogged...you satisfied? now go read!! :-)


Well done Lucy - nice photo. I didn't know you were soooooooo weird!


I iron my knickers as well, but not my sheets though -- my Mum does! Yes, the smell of hot water bottles is very rubbery ( that's lovely in chinese)! You can call me maam is you like, but I prefer Wendy!

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