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This is such a funny story. You are such a resourceful lady to have done all that trouble shooting. I think you have loads of street cred.

stephanie s

yes, i agree with autum... the fact that you went to all that work proves that you do indeed have cred, it just isn't with the kitchen crowd but with all the handy do-it-yourselfers. at least you know what to do when the machine doesn't work... small consolation really, but still..

Angel Jem

Like computers, dishwashers are only really wonderful AS LONG AS THEY@RE WORKING RIGHT!! Hope you got your cup of tea safely after that!


I admire you! I would have waited until H got home from his cycle ride and let him deal with it!


Oops! And to think you did all that without even having a cup of tea. I can barely drag myself to the shower without one!


you are a woman after my own heart. i was installing some software the other day, in a futile attempt to break the code on my Treo, and thought i had unleashed a worm on my company when the keyboard wouldn't respond to my frantic tapping.

uhh, i had unplugged the keyboard accidentally when i had plugged IN the treo. derrrrr.

and i loved your comment on bb about lurpak. YES on teeth marks.


heehee..you always make me smile with your stories (im still laughing at the forklift truck story!!)
You are very handy with the tool box - rami thinks you solve everything with a bit of superglue!!!!! :) xxx

mel is frantically knitting xmas presents!

You're so silly Wendy - I would've given up when I saw the dirty water and called my Dad!

Is everyone well over there?



I'm in stitches, great story. I am very impressed by your resourcefulness.


What a lovely Sunday morning - not! The extremes we go to for a clean mug for a cuppa!


Too Funny!! don't worry I flooded my laundry room with a piece of paper that fell into the draining sink!! What a mess!!!


Why exactly are you a fish? Did I miss something....like your gills?! x


oh what a terrible time you had.you were able to do all that is amazing. live and learn.


you always make me smile - and you're certainly not a quitter!! I would have THOUGHT of doing all that - but I would have muttered darkly - suggested we needed a new dishwasher and left it to ..... poor old Geoff. you are a miracle worker!


I've been washing dishes by hand for months since the dishwasher died. However this weekend I'm determined to go buy a new one. I just can't cope without it !!!


Oh my goodness that sounds just like the sort of thing I might do, that and hanging washing on the line that hasn't even been washed. Whoops!


Sounds like something I would do!


Wow you are getting lots of comments! You have a "fan-base"! (I believe that's what it's called)

Old School Acres

We're laughing with you, really!! LOL You poor woman. If that I had been me I would have been screaming my head off LOL


You are a gem to confess to ALL of us but that's for the warning.


how funny is that! i love all of your hard work. i am still the dishwasher in this house hold and let me tell you there are some mornings when there is not a clean cup for tea or coffee for that matter...


I do love reading posts that I can relate to. And this is certainly one of them! Thanks for sharing!!


Or what dear!!


where are you?


are you OK Wendy? i anve visions of you trying to mend all the appliances in your house and having no time to post!?
missing you

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