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stephanie s

heh heh heh.... good job on the yesses...


so pleased you're back in buisness - I've messed you! happy NY to you too - John )rather than Owen) is in Cromer - he's hoping to work for Kingswood - this is the selection weekend. Is this near you???
take care wendy


Glad to see you back. Sophie loves the Luce Stich bag.


..to be a nicer person..well, thats a little unreachable isnt it!!!!!!! youre mad!
Good for tim and being so positive!!xxx


Glad you are back. I love the curtains and cushion. I would love to be more motivated in the decorating area!


Sounds like you have an exciting year in store for you and what a busy start. Goodluck with the lounge clearing.


Love those curtains - it looks really nice! Where are you off to?


Those curtains are lovely, such beautiful fabric. Looking forward to hearing more about your travel plans?


I've got a design thing over at my blog - I'd love you to have a go if you would like to - it's going very quickly - so hop along! it's the post called 'An Invitation to design' - only of you want to!


wonderful post. you have been quite productive and it seems like it is putting you in the right place. it is always so nice to get projects finished.

i love that you are going to be traveling. that sounds so great i would love to do the same. do remember if you are ever in the states {oregon} i would love to meet you.


Oh I love it, it's beautiful! What an inviting place.


Hor ray your back with us !!!!


I am tagging you, hope you don't mind. You have to tell us 6 weird things about you, post it mentioning 6 other people, then tag them if you want to that is

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