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I'm glad you blog. :)

Good luck Friday!


Wonderful post Wendy. I love your reasons for blogging and I'm so glad you do.
I'll be thinking of you on Friday, good luck with whatever it is you are doing :)


You have the same reasons I do for blogging, I enjoy your blog!

stephanie s

i am so thankful and lucky that you blog - i would never have met youotherwise and that would have been a shame. i often wonder why i blog too, and am going to give it a little more consideration... we'll see what i come up with. i am quite interested in what you are up to... and of course will be asking why!


I love your blog -
and I'd say more, but I'm busy drooling over your sink!

I made aprons like that last year for christmas...

Marmite Breath

Oh, I love you, Wendy. This post was so honest and vulnerable. I'm so pleased that you blog, because I LOVE reading it and hearing about all the good stuff happening in your life.
Good Luck with whatever it is you're doing on Friday. You have the "The Internet" on your side, so you will do great! :)

Gunnel Svensson

I´m also glad you blog! Keep going! And I wondering myself often, why I am blogging, and in english, when I speak Swedish!? But I love to speak with all you lovely people round the world, I newer meet in the real world!


You put yourself down way too much my lovely wendy!!! I am also soooo pleased you started blogging and to have you as a friend..
What are you up to??


How wonderful! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


What a lovely person you are - your blog is so eloquent and so real. Good luck with your Friday mission!


I know what you're doing friday so ........... good luck but WHY?!


Gosh I didn't think my comment would end up on your blog! Thank you for your help last week, Bethany has certainly been inspired by your mood board and is constantly adding to it for ideas for decorating her bedroom. If you did't shine at school you certainly have in adult hood!!! Good luck for tomorrow, although I have no idea what you are up to!!!


Well Good Luck for whatever you need it for. And by the way I think you write beautifully.


Good luck! Although it is Saturday, I hope this helps too.


you put into words what i often feel. wonderful way of processing things. i do hope that all went well on friday. continue to write and i will continue to read.


Interesting post. When I started blogging I had no idea why I did it. But it has been totally positive and even when i blog about being depressed people write to me cheering me up. I have met so many interesting people too.


wendy- in my opinion, you write beautifully- everything is always so well-stated and interesting. i understand what you stated about blogging- i wonder why i do it as well. but everytime i think about deleting the whole thing- i can't bring myself to do it- there is history in those posts and i have made friends with many people who i would have never crossed paths with- ;-)
love, becky


Gosh Wendy, I found this such an interesting post and written so eloquently. I think all you have lacked is confidence in your ability to write. .Your writing is lovely, so easy and enjoyable to read, that's why I keep coming back.

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