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stephanie s

oh my god, i wish tim were there to take photos... i supposed you didn't ask the instructor to do that for you so you could post them on your blog??? that little fork lift looks mighty fun. a little like a smart car with a couple of tines...


Congratulations! Many years ago, I worked for an air freight company, and the warehouse crew were quite adept at zipping around on these, though none so classy as yours.


Oh wendy...you made me laugh so much!!!!!!! I had no doubts about you passing...just wish i could have been there to take the photos!!!! Congratulations...so i suppose youre looking for a job in a warehouse now?...:) xxx


Oh I am in stitches, what a fantastic story, and another string to your bow.


just when you think you know a person......you know - making blinds, doing blog swaps, keeping a tidy fridge and the rest - then you go and slip in the fork lift truck test. you never cease to amaze me wendy. and you ALWAYS make me smile! sure you can't manage to post more often? you do me so much good. So well done - another job opportunity should you ever get clinically fed up with the other one.


I think it is wonderful Karma that you tried to do something you wouldn't do under other circumstances and that you did well!


Well, you can always get a job in a wharehouse now if you ever get bored...or your friend may call on you when one his employees calls in sick...hmmm...have your list of excuses by the phone!!!!


Yeah !for women driving tractors! My 12 year old got on the back hoe (Think BIG tractor with digging thing) up on Grass Valley. What a burst of confidence it gave her to make it go and rumble and go up and down.
And from previuos posts...lovely apron and tea towel. Also so glad you blog, it's nice to make friends and enjoy a cuppa with them which I do with you regularly.


wow! that is quite amazing. i love that you were willing to do it. now that is something to brag about.


what a good story wendy. enjoyed it very much. cool girl.


yay, congratulations - and I got to admit it sounds fun from the distance, though my feelings would probably be the same as yours if I had to actually be doing it ;)


Wendy I'll mention this at work we are always looking for good Fork Lift staff for our offshore equipment!!!

WELL DONE, GIRL. You never cease to surprise me.


that is downright amazing, well done you, what a skill to have!


I am seriously impressed! And you can always pick up some warehouse work now...


Oh my goodness what an incredible thing to do. Well done, oh and will you be taking this up as a full time career?


I knew you were awesome, but I had no idea how much! I would never have had the guts to do that, so BRAVA to you!
(Aren't you feeling all proud of yourself? You should be!)


Neat little machine, is this so you can move you Xmas presents around more easily!!!!!!!

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