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I love your description of typing in the code letters, I feel the exact same way. What a challenge some days.
Very tidy fridge!


Ha ha Wendy. Very clever - we see the fridge insides but no beautiful door!!!

I like the little dolly.


Wendy I couldn't agree more, I was actually shocked to find I was getting emails as well as comments when I first started blogging. If someone visits me I always try to visit their site and leave a comment but I really do not have the time to acknowledge all the comments I recieve by email. Some of these people are absolute wonders they seem to be so organised and productive, inspirational I think is the word I'm looking for. As for comments being like getting a letter in the post I think they are better, maybe because I usually get bills.I also find some of the security codes tricky and time consuming, being short sited and not wearing my glasses means that I sometimes type them in wrong. Then I feel really silly.
Your fridge is very neat and tidy, mine always looks like a bomb has hit it (called 3 boys). Love the little doll. Phew this comment is almost as long as a post, sorry!


I remember the days when your fridge only had a piece of cheese in it , and your cupboard a ritz cracker! It all looks very nice now, shame about the olives!
See you tomorrow!


I sometimes feel like the code is a big mind game. That it doesn't go through just to see how many times I will try. Argh!!


i love your fridge- it is so you- with everything in its place. i'm envious! and the doll- cuter than cute- and another thing- as i age, my typing gets worse and worse- after i have typed a bit and then look up- the words that i see bear little resemblance to what was in my head- spaces in odd places, words with letters missing, typed backwards... could it be late onset dyslexia????

stephanie s

i have been thinking about the comment dilemma myself lately, i have quite a few i haven't responded to and wonder... do they want to even hear from me? and the code? EXACTLY.

your fridge is very tidy, i kept thinking "does mine look like that?" i guess we will see, now, won't we... thanks?


you're lucky you still have that fridge. me and sophie tried to sneak it out of the house when we came for lucy's birthday. we've always wanted a smeg.

how is everything in wendy lady land? x


Oh well - i think ill pass on the fridge pic - our fridge is a very poor sight for the public!!!
Sorry! But i do agree with the comments and the code thing!!! :)


So cute how your little dolly really does have that shocked expression on her face.

I'm right there with you on the responding to comments bit. I always try to leave a comment on their blog in response, but if I had to do that in addition to replying specifically to their comment I think I'd have to quit blogging altogether. I just wouldn't have the energy. And the codes--oh my. Sometimes they feel like an IQ test.


I know what you mean about the codes, you are not alone doll! I'm always retyping.


you always make me smile - you never let me down there Wendy - smiling now - about your fridge! and your robot code! Isn't this blog world just the best fun! don't worry about the commenting, I love your posts and call by often for a catch up - strange to think that I've never met you and I think of you as my dear friend!
still smiling!


I have trouble with those codes too, I must admit that I am quite relieved to hear of someone else who struggles!

The doll looks lovely by the way, and don't worry about the comments, I get really hung up on not always managing to keep up with replys too, it just isn't possible to do everything.


those codes can be annoying. i too sometimes say it out loud. funny.

Marmite Breath

I can comment on nothing other than the fact that I think I see your pickled onions. Er, that's not meant to sound dirty. But I love pickled onions, and your fridge picture just made my mouth water. WAAAAAAAAHHH!!
I am hungry.
Are you really quite tall, Wendy? Because I always picture you as tiny!


hey - whay make of fridge is that again???????????????



Keep it going, thanks. I found exactly the information.




Hi all!

Placed to bookmark!


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