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awww...what a pretty bag. it definitely pays to have a creative person in the family doesn't it?
a slight hiccup has occurred in my plans to visit you next week. i'll leave it to lucy to give you all the gruesome (and they are very gruesome) details tonight.
hope you're okay.


Hello my lovely friend! What lovely pressies from Lucy and Becky - thats so sweet of them. And the invite from Steph..wish we could go!!
Oh the wall...just a little job then ;)

stephanie s

just looking at that soil moving project makes me ache... but, i know how you love that kind of good honest project... and how amazing you got that postcard to quickly, i mailed it saturday afternoon (and saturday was a holiday here!!) wish you could come too.


Love the bag and your little surprise. Good luck with the wall.


I often get very confused when I read around blog links - I get really excited about a shop or cafe someone shares - only find it is in Wellington or Montreal!!! I wonder if it works the other way too? I invite you all to my knitting group and you live in Bolivia (though I've never read a Bolivian Blog) anyway - the bag is lovely and you deserve presents - we all do - I have one to show at the weekend! that garden arrangement looks strange - hope you aren't building the wall yourself Wendy - though nothing would suprise me!!!
take care


Oh Lucy's place sounds so lovely, I wish I lived near enough to attend, what a lovely atmosphere it must be. The bag is lovely, just reward indeed for all that blind making.


That's a beautiful bag I'm sure you will find it just perfect.


Lucy's shop is inspirig and the bag is beautiful! I too wish there wasn't a huge expanse of land between me and FAM.


hi wendy- honestly, i think you could make yesterdays newspaper look inviting! love your photography and lucy's purse- to die for!
ps-red lead has shopping now- check it out.


Hooray! Lots of good stuff!

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