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You've been busy!
The color of those pouches is lovely and the wee hats are a wonderful thing.


We thought you'd vanished!
The poches look great - much better than the 2 I made - they took me 2 weeks to make and the beads have fallen off!
How quickly do you think I could knit one of those hats?....


Busy bee!! I miss you Laurence!
That parcel is so sweet and i love your chicken with the hat on!!


you know you are very welcome! you bought and made me such lovely things :)

The chicken looks great, do you know the innocent drinks main website has a hat-of-the-week? There have been some fab ones


Hey Wendy-
this is a wonderful post. I love the little hats! And the pouches are beautiful...all fanned out.
I will email you.


You have been busy...I too wonder if I'll be able to keep up blogging about crafting but just when I worry that I have nothing to write about something appears. Something I love (like the pixies) or some food (like pie or your chutney). It doesn't have to be daily--don't pressure your self. It's just nice making friends and sharing ideas, success and talents.


Can our chicken always wear that hat!? or at least can you make her one of her own (shes said she has a cold head since you took it away after her photo shoot) it reminds me so much like knitting babs from chicken run!!


What will they do wilth the hats then for the bottles?


I love your little hats!


i have been thinking about the same things recently. where are the hours in the day. i constantly desire to post more on the blog and to read others but a week can go by in a blink and neither have happened.

i do hope that all goes well with your big projects. your little hats look great.


Wow, you are really busy, Wendy. Good that you have a craft group that forces you to take time out to craft and be creative. Your chicken looks so cozy with his hat on...those little hats are great!


Liked your creativity. Can anyone give me ideas how to make interior design boards that are sturdy yet easy to mix & match?

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