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Lovely, funny post Wendy. Can you let us have details of the shop please?


I DEFINATELY appreciate everything you do for me, even if I do drive you mad sometimes!! and I wouldn't want to trade you in for anyone. I love my mum just the way she is (maybe just a bit quieter sometimes!) x


Such a sweet post!
So many nights I have sat with Youngest in the hospital -
strange what we have in common...


what a lovely image you paint. I find myself looking forward to your weekly posts very much as they always make me smile. No pressure there Wendy! But these little insights into your memories and wisdom usually find an echo with me. As my three grow up and away I share some of this marvelling at how it all happened like it did!
Take care


what a lovely post wendy. i know that lucy appreciates everything you do for her - i've heard her say it plenty of times. and yuor hard work has paid off - she's one of the coolest, nicest people i know. well done and good luck with the blinds.
your secret order will be made on thursday night.


hello you!!! Aaah lovely post...its so nice to take a minute and appreciate things we take for granted usually.
You are a lovely person and friend..thank you xxx


Sweet post, Wenders Benders! I probably owe my mom an apology too. I drove her crazy on many occassions, I'm sure. I'm getting payback now, though...so I guess it all comes back around. Can't wait to see how the roman blinds turn out. Best of luck to Lucy! How exciting!!!!

Marmite Breath

How are the blinds coming along, Wendy?? No pressure, but WE'D LIKE TO SEE PICTURES, PLEASE!



thank you for my little gifts. they're lovely. i'm going to have a play with them this weekend :-)
hope the blinds are going ok.



Helo Wendy, it's Wendy here. I wish you every good luck with everything


Oh wendy I bought some of that floral fabric to make a table cloth out off. I hope you didn'#t pay too much for it, as I got mine from a local factory that has a shop and paid only £1.00 a metre for it !!!! It was in their remnant bin loads of it. Maybe on reflection I shouldn't have told you this!!!!

Anyhow merry christmas to you and your family. I've re-opened the blog and started posting again with it being christmas. Speak soon love Julia x

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