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ok you are allowed to post at least once a week...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!!!!! Have a lovely day (and i would also be scared to go inside Wendys head!!)

stephanie s

happy birthday tim!!!

i can live with one post a week too, and as for going inside your head? i am afraid it might be a whole lot like mine.... so let me in!!! except for the directions part, i am excellent in that area.


I know exactly what you mean about blogging. I'm afraid I have been a bit quiet lately on mine.

Can we have Lucy's shop details, please?

Happy Birthday Tim, I'm not far behind you!!!!

Marmite Breath

Happy Birthday Tim! May you have a wonderful year.

Wendy, however often you want to post is fine with me. You are so inspiring with your posts, I always feel a bit calmer and happier when I read them. There's no angst (although I do love reading people's angst). There's just creativity and coolness, so post when you can, and I'll be here to read.


wendy-i would rather have one of your wonderful weekly posts than some of the fluffy dailys I read- Keep 'em coming. I always enjoy your writing and your photography-you know you are my lay-out idol!


once a week is fine by me, your posts are always so lovely - and it's all I can manage too!
how funny - I often wich that geoff and I could swap heads for 10 minutes so he would understand why I do what I do, like what I like (and drive like I drive!) and vica verca!
navigation is my absolute nightmare weak spot. knowing left from right is a help I think - so I havn't got a hope!
see you next week!


After seeing weirdbunny and a few other blogger bit the dust becausing daily blogging was too much I applaud you. Write when the mood hits or your have something to share. We'll keep checking in and saying Hi because that what friend do:)


I'm a once a week poster now too, and it's amazing how much less pressure there is because of it. Blogging should be fun, not stressful. I LOVE your blog. Just post when you can, sweetie!

Happy b-day to your hubby! :)


wow quite the work you have been doing. there is never a dull moment.

i hope you two were able to enjoy a nice birthday together.

Gunnel Svensson

Hi Wendy!
And thanks for your comments in my blog. And for the english word: robe. I didn´t find it in my dictionary - this is the problems with writing in english, I am not good at it. But I think it´s so many lovely people out there in the world who didn´t read swedish, so therefor I write in english, to share with more friends. By the way, I have just have a 50-years birtday my self, and yesterday I had a long lovely day with my daughters to visit our grandcountry: Denmark just over the day!

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