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Glad you're back and still pretending that you're hair doesn't always look like that!
And you visited Balamory did you meet Josie Jump and Susie Sweet? x



Most bloggers would just present the striking views. I love that we get to hear how difficult the views were to get to!
-feel like I've excercised today myself now.


Wow, love the photos. Especially Tobermory and Skye. Thanks for the recipe. Just experienced another massive thunderstorm and downpour on the coast here. Are you watching Jane Eyre?

stephanie s

welcome back!!! you were missed.
the views are amazing, and the chutney sounds wonderful - it's got dates so it must be... and, yes, that is some hair you got, lady.


Thank you for this wonderful photos. I know Tobermory from photos. In 1993 we made holidays on Skye.



i was wondering where you were- lucky! how beautiful. i love looking at all the photos. thanks for posting. and what is that sugar that is in your chutney recipe>


OOhh, ive missed you W!!! Love the photos - sounds wonderful! Were you in Glasgow?
Isnt Tobemory - Balamory - the childrens progam on BBC?? Its looks just like it!!!
And the chutney sounds great!
Speak to you soon xxx


what a wonderful holiday! the pictures are just great - I love the cows on Mull - life on Mull certainly goes at their pace! well done for the mammoth walk up Glencoe - and welcome back from the north!


Those photographs are so beautiful, I am determined to holiday up there one of these days. You are right about cobweb blowing winds, I love that feeling, fills me with vigour.

Marmite Breath

Your hair? Lovely! ;) I think the windswept look is great.

The photos were gorgeous. I am so jealous. I'd love to have gone.

I know about translating for the husband.....I do that sometimes. And yeah, my accent gets quite pronounced when I go home. So I relate to the tale about your dad.


Just got a bag of apple from my mom so chtteny is a must, thanks for the recipe.
I think I'm heading for Scotland next summer...we want to stay in the "pineapple castle" Will you email me with a must see list of the favorite sights you went to ?


looks like a beautiful and refreshing adventure! love the photos.


Oh I'm so pleased to see you got to see those wonderful mushroom/toadstools!!!!

The scenery looks amazing, and nothing better than a visitors centre for a cuppa and a bit of cake afterwards - love Julia x


I was on Skye and Mull this summer - always hits me hard when I return to inner city Scotland.

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