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Great pics, window Wenders!!!!!!!


Be careful up there!


Such a tiny thing you are!

and WHY must everything (garden, door, bricks) be SO lovely at your house?


That window looks lovely. I used to hang out of the window and clean the glass like that at our old house (without scaffolding). I don't think my bottom would fit now!!!!

stephanie s

you are my inspiration to get moving on all the projects i have around here. at 43 you look pretty darn nimble... good work girl!


Hi Wendy, I'm the first time at your blog. You are a very creative person.
I looked backwords trough the month and found some photos from the change in your garden, also from this funny cat. Please, can you show more pics from the garden?
Wendy, the colours of the windows is a cotswold colour. Where are you from? I could not find it.


Marmite Breath

Your garden is lovely, Wendy. It looks so peaceful. I want to sit on the bench there and read. Of course, if I was there, I would help you with the windows. My job would be screeching, "Be careful" as you were on the scaffolding. :)

Linda Harre

Wendy.....what a cute blog...You are great! Nothing stopping you girl! Love your house.....Linda


You are just so multi talented - I petrifeied of heights!!


better you than me- i hate heights! the painting came to a screeching halt just fyi when kelly developed a double ear infection aggravated by her friends' parent's smoking and paint fumes at our house so the dishes are in the bathtub and that is that til the antibiotics do their thing! it's always something.


How nice to have a glimpse of your garde--kepp up the good work but do so carefully!


Why is it that every time I stop by your blog, you seem to be climbing up high? I think you missed your calling as a trapeze artist. :) Your garden is stunning. I'm with the others. I want to see more pictures!


you are amazing and funny, be careful up there.


Your view is amazing from there. You are such a hard worker. And you are so cute!


you are amazing! you are having quite the fun time doing house work these days. i hope that the rest of the project goes quickly.

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