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I am so glad I asked you to dance as well not least as you were the prettiest girl there. Happy anniversary.


How amazing, what a wonderful story. I'm so glad your friend was late.

Happy aniversary, he must have been so surprised he picked a multi talented girl like you, with her power toools one minute, scafolting the next, then a bit of sewing!!!


Just a quick note, I've put your blog on my side bar, hope that's ok?


Wendy...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! Why didnt you tell me? Sending lots of big HUGS and kisses to you and Tim. What a gorgeous photo!!!!!!


What a wonderful story! Happy Anniversary Wendy and Tim!! May you be dancing for many years to come!
You both have beautiful smiles by the way!!


Happy anniversry - what a lovely post (and comment from your hubby). How radiant you both look in your wedding photo - congratulations and I hope you're off dancing tonight!

stephanie s

happy anniversary wendy and tim! what a great picture of the two of you... you certainly have put yourselves to work this first year.


Congratulations to you both. The photo is lovely.


There was a young lady called Wendy
Oy boy was she extremely bendy
She started with ceroc
Danced twice round the block
And ended up married to Tim.

This Tim was indeed canny
He thought this is the girl that I'll marry
Indeed I will no longer tarry
I'll entice her with diamonds
Backed up by an aga, her hand he was so sure to win.

Tis one year on
The rot has set in
And now she is up on the tower!

Nancy Murfitt.

And I am the lucky one who has Wendy for a daughter in law. Perfect in every way apart from the crocidiles. The added bonus of Tim marrying Wendy is that I acquired a tenth grandchild in the form of Lucy. I am counting my blessings. Love to you both on your special day, Love Nancy

jayne & all

Happy Anniversary to you both!
Card is in the post.....and may arrive late!!


THAT is just the nicest story!

And look at the two of you...



HOORAY FOR TIM! HOORAY FOR WENDY!! what a fantastic story - how happy you look. love to you for very many more years of dancing - love Katie

Linda Harre

Wendy......what a wonderful post! Happy Happy Anniversary! I met the man of my dreams about 18 yrs. ago after being single for 13 yrs. raising my children! God had me in the palm of his hand because I, like you, wasn't looking for anyone, but was fearful of my first leaving the nest! Isn't life GRAND?????

Marmite Breath

AWW!! You're both glowing! And I can tell just by looking at you both that you're lovely people. Congratulations, and may you have many more happy years together.


Dancing can do that to you...congratulations Tim & Wendy for finding the perfect partner in this dance called life!!


What a lovely story, clearly meant to be, happy anniversary.


oh, your story is amazing. i am trying to fight back tears. may you have an amazing day and enjoy the many years of dancing and more that are to come!


I love your story! Congrats on your anniversary and for finding the man of your dreams. You make a lovely couple :)


*happy anniversery lucy's mum*

p.s did lucy ever give you a copy of the photo from her birthday? x


what a sweet story,
happy anniversary!!


What a beautiful story Wendy. Congratulations on your anniversary.

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