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i am loving this weather too Wendy! But Thanks for the tiny hat project - it is our knitting group this afternoon so I'll print it out for them! we love a challenge. enjoy the chutney chat - i should be making chutney too - but there aren't enough hours in the day!


do enjoy that weather. it is quite nice to suck up the sun while it is around. best of luck with the rest of the windows. onward to the projects.

i am getting started on your things...


We're having gloriuos weather now too--we call it Indian summer as our real summer is usually foggy. I love making chutney..what kind? I like to make plum and mango. Thanks for my tea the weather will be chilly soon and I love my cuppa!


Oh the bag looks lovely from the little peek!!! Enjoy the end of the summer :)


thankyou for your lovely comment. unfortunately like the typical girl that i am - i'm going shoe shopping with sophie as a pick-me-up. i never have been one to listen to advice hehe...
i'm glad you liked your sparkley fibres. i had lots of fun with mine that i brought last year. see you soon. x


WHen carolyn and I swapped all she asked me for was strong british tea, so I sent her twinnings too!

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