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i'm glad you liked your little bit of sparkle. the following website has a more detailed description of how you use the fibres and what you can do with them...
http://www.craftynotions.com/angelina.htm (just scroll down the page a little bit to find it).
have fun!


Lovely post and photos. Would love to see the chutney recipe, please. :D

stephanie s

what wonderful little things in the mail! and me too for the chutney...


Have you ever thought of selling your chutney?.....maybe at a friends charity fundraiser for example?........ just a thought


Oh im interested to see what happens with the thing you have to iron.. and me also for the recipe!!!


I would love your chutney recipe. I have been making chutneys like mad, for the first time, and have really got the bug, I'd love to try a recommended recipe as mine have all been from recipe books so far which can often be hit or miss.

Thanks for the link too, you are very sweet. I need to add you to my bar too, plus lots of others which are all in my favourites too, I need to muster courage to tackle it though and of course the longer I leave it the more daunting it becomes, technology does not come naturally to me.

Linda Harre

Would love to have your Chutney recipe Wendy! Hope I don't miss it now...........


Did you hear me thinking about you as I had my afternoon cuppa? the second package arrived and I brewed me a pot and then ran (with cup in hand) to enjoy it at Addie's volleyball game. Thank you. and me too on the chutney recipe...I guess i know your next post!


I love that cottage needlecase. She made me and my daughter ladybird ones.


your old job sounds wonderful. it is amazing the things you can learn from the older generations. i would love to hear more stories and tips from those who have been through so much more than me.

i would love to have your chutney recipe some time.

Gunnel Svensson

Hi, Wendy!
thanks for yuor nice comments on my blog. I am new at blogging, so I really donĀ“t know how to do yet. And I try to write in english, I am from Sweden, and my english is not so good. But I think I will reach more people in english. I will read your blog, there was much intresting!

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