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I'll definately try that receipe. The woodcutter paid £3.00 for a quiche at the food fair( local food event) and it was so salty.

WE grow corgettes, I can just eat bowls of them. Slice them , put in a bowl with a knob of better, into the microwave for 2 min and voila delicious food to eat while standing at the microwave!!!


I love them roasted with sesame seeds along with any other veg you fancy -sweet potatoes,carrots etc.Leanne posted a great recipe for Zucchini Bread you should check out! http://romanholiday.typepad.com/thehelpfulhousewife/


Courgette muffins are good - much better than they sound!


ooh you could write a book - love the photos!!!!!!!!! Sounds good..what about courgette soup?

stephanie s

before they even become vegetables, pick the blossom off and stuff them with... whatever?
thanks for posting photos, i was all ready to google courgette...


Move over Nigella. Lovely recipe and photos, Wendy.


if your courgette glut is combined with a spinach explosion, as ours was one year - then make spinach and courgette soup. Make it exactly as you would imagine and serve hot with cream swirled in or cold for a sophisticated treat. Wonderful


oh - I just remembered Martha slices them lengthways with a potato peeler and lightly fries them with butter and garlic - then tosses the long strips into cooked pasta - maybe this is a recipe she gleaned from one of our chefs - Jamie, Nigel, Nigella??? don't know - it's sensational.


On a different note......... will you be blogging the glamorous photo of yourself and Mr M. which is featuring in the current edition of our upmarket county magazine? x


Thanks for the recipe...I'll have to bookmark this. That looks fabulous!!!!


Wendy, I had to google courgette. We call them zucchini. Your recipe looks delicious!!


Wow, that looks fantastic, wish I could do that kind of stuff!


Thanks for your nice comments.
The Zucchini Quiche looks delicious..will definitely try it out.


Yum, your quiche looks absolutely delicious. We're enjoying lots of fresh farm bounty right now too, I love this time of year.

one skein pal

Oooh, recipe sounds lovely and gives me some new inspiration for our current glut. Thank you.


anybody out there got any recipes for round courgettes, we,ve got loads of them but finding ways of cooking them is becoming fruitless.

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If your zucchini surplus combined with spinach explosion, like ours, had one year - something to do with spinach and zucchini soup. To do so, as you can imagine, and serve hot with cream swirled in the cold or for the treatment of complicated.

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