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Thats so funny!!! What about lipstick and wellies... Lucy..I love flat pack building. I would have helped!!! And your skirt is lovely.
And Wendy your bag turned out great!!! And that swap looks fun. Oh reading your mag in the new kitchen - definitely something to look forward to.


I am exhausted reading this. You are a construction worker, a seamstress and a chef! And do all beautifully, even if you are wearing wellies with your dressing gown. Lucy's skirt is very nice.


Beautiful fabric and construction on the skirt. She'll look dazzling at the party. Your purse turned out goregous too, what a lucky friend.

stephanie s

great photos of the work in progress... are you going to be done for the party? the skirt and bag look great, but putting together that stuff on a tile floor? my knees hurt just looking at the picture!


I'm seriously beginning to think that Lucy's party is just a big ploy to get all of us girls from Derby to come build your kitchen for you. Am I right?
You house looks like its going to be lovely and I can't wait to finally see it. Have fun getting ready for the masses to arrive Lucy's mum.


Wow, you really are amazing! I love your new stuff, what an amazing skirt and bag!


Wendy - when do you sleep? The last thing I would manage in the middle of a major kitchen overhaul - would be exquisite an hand crafted handbag. Brownie points!
love K


fixing kitchens, making skirts, making bags, no wonder you've no time to put your lippy on.

A sweep of bronzer and a touch of lip balm is about all I manage these days and that's if I can be bothered!! I tend not to do much make up in the summer, but loads in the winter.

Lucy's Big Sister

Just to remind you, today you have been classified as an old person..... your daughter is a grown up!
I, on the other hand, must be very young as my daughter is tiny!!
see you all at the party!


What a cheerful color the kitchen is going to be! Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? You should be commended on living at home while remodeling---it's a challenge but fun too! Happy birthdays to you both...celebrate Lucy's day of birth and your birthing day!

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